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  1. My name is Rachael Tarfman-Perez and I am a new children's picture book author. I self-published my first book, 3 P's for Potty, a few months ago on Amazon (also Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Harper Collins) and am getting ready to release a second book soon. I am a mom of 4 in Orange County, California. It has been a long journey for me since I started working on this project in October of 2019. I don't always have time to work (since I do it from home after the kids go to sleep), but I do my best. I'm not sure where it will take me but it has been very educational and interesting.

    I found your website because I am looking for influencers that could help me promote my book. It would be really great if you would be willing to read/review my book and possibly do an interview. I would love to talk to you about it. It is a book geared toward families with children ages 2-6 (or maybe older children with learning disorders/Autism). This potty training book focuses on teaching young children what items are appropriate to go into the toilet rather than the traditional books that focus on helping young children feel comfortable with the process. There is humor, bright illustrations, a focus on emotions, and phonemic awareness.

    Please get back to me with your thoughts and/or ideas. I would love to hear from you. Your review would mean so much because it would be helping a new author and helping young children around the world learn with Gia's book.

    I am curious about what kinds of things you can do to help authors promote their books.

    Thank you!

    Rachael Tarfman-Perez