Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank You, Wrap-up, and Giveaway Winner

We've finished another round of Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month, with thirty-one different posts by a wide variety of authors and bloggers celebrating children's books and women's history.  Lisa and I are grateful to all those who participated, sharing the stories of fascinating women from all eras--from Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to iconic heroines of women's history such as Susan B. Anthony to lesser-known figures like Ruth Harkness, the explorer who brought the first giant panda to the United States, and Mercy Warren, who wrote a three-volume history of the American Revolution in 1805.  We had terrific essays on how to encourage kids to read books about women's history, and personal family stories shared with all of us lucky readers.  And we didn't forget the gentlemen; two terrific authors, storyteller Jim Weiss and nonfiction writer Marc Aronson, contributed reflections about notable women in history.  If you read all the posts this month, you learned about women doctors, scientists, poets, artists, rulers, athletes, crusaders of all stripes, pilots, explorers, and inventors, among others.  It's been another fabulous journey through women's history!

And, I'm delighted to announce the winners of our two giveaways: selected from a random number generator, our big prize pack of women's history picture books is going to Mia Wenjen, who blogs as Pragmatic Mom! Mallory is the winner of Gina Capaldi's beautiful picture book, Red Bird Sings

Many thanks to all the authors and publishers who donated prizes.

This blog will be up all year long so feel free to continue to use it as a resource, and spread the word! We hope to have year three up next March.

Look for details later in the year.

Thank you.