Internet Resources for Women's History

General Resources
Women's History Month:  A government site sponsored by Library of Congress, National Park Service, Smithsonian, and other federal agencies with many outstanding resources including on-line exhibits.

National Women's History Project :  National clearinghouse for information about women's history; coordinates observances of National Women's History Month, produces and sells educational materials, and honors particular women for their work. 

Amelia Bloomer Project:  If you're looking for books with a "girl power" message, this is an invaluable annotated annual book list published by the Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table to honor children's books with strong feminist themes.  Lists, which date back to 2002, include fiction as well as non-fiction books for preschoolers through young adults.

National Women's History Museum: Founded in 1996, NWHM is dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the diverse historic contributions of women.  NWHM hopes to obtain a site on or near the Mall in Washington, D.C. Their website includes an array of on-line exhibits about women's history curated by experts in the field (examples include African-American women's history and women spies) and more and a wide variety of educational resources for teachers, students, and parents.

Smithsonian Education:  Women's History Teaching Resources:  Includes a variety of on-line exhibits to explore, including photographs of women on Flickr, an on-line women's portraits exhibit, exhibits on women in aviation and space history, and more.  

Archives Library Information Center (ALIC):  From the National Archives, the ALIC offers a list of historical websites relevant to women in the United States.  

National Women's Hall of Fame:  Established in Seneca Falls to honor American women whose contributions to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, the humanities, philanthropy and science have been the greatest value for the development of the United States; 236 women have been inducted to date.  

Women's History Month (Gale Cengage Learning):  Includes brief biographies of prominent women, quizzes, 101 key trials on women's issues (in their entirety), and more.

Encyclopedia Brittanica's Guide to Women's History:  300 Women who Changed the World, including biographies, learning activities, Internet guide, and more.

Specialized Resources
African-American Women:  Online Archival Collections from Duke University:  Includes a variety of primary sources, including original slave letters.

Her Hat Was in the Ring! U.S. Women who Ran for Political Office Before 1920 : Identifies women candidates for elective office in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, giving biographical information for each woman, campaign information, party affiliation, photographs, and lists of selected resources.

Jewish Women's Archive: Includes an online encyclopedia of Jewish women, lesson plans and free educational materials, online exhibits, book and film guides, and other resources on American Jewish women.   

Suffrage:  Not for Ourselves Alone: A PBS site that allows viewers to experience the work of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, track key events in the suffrage movement, read historic documents and essays.  The site includes a special section for young children.  

Women at NASA: Includes a collection of 32 videos and essays from women across NASA who contribute in different ways to our space program.   

Women Suffrage and the 19th Amendment:  An assortment of original documents from the National Archives.  

Women in World History:  Includes website reviews, primary sources, lesson plans and more.

Women of the West Museum:  Includes on-line exhibits as well as physical exhibits housed at Los Angeles' Autry Museum.  

Book Lists
Women Who Dared:  Recommended books from School Library Journal on women's history.  

Women's History Month Book Recommendations:  Children's books on women's history recommended by Kirkus Reviews.

Wild Rose Reader:  Excellent compilation of children's book lists on women's history.