Friday, April 3, 2015

Women's History--it's not just for March!

April 3 - Today's post contributed by Margo Tanenbaum and Lisa Taylor

Many thanks to all the participants and readers who have helped make Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month's 5th year a success.  This year we have enjoyed posts from and about contemporary women making history, such as ballerina Misty Copeland and chef Alice Waters, as well as historic figures such as Louisa May Alcott, Melba Liston and Anna May Wong. And let's not forget the women whose names we may never know (see letter X in Rad Women A-Z).  Let's remember these women not only in March, when we celebrate Women's History Month, but throughout the year. Librarians, teachers, authors, parents, and students can advocate to include women in the curriculum all year long, and perhaps we'll see a day when women in history will no longer need their own special month.


  1. Can't possibly say enough "AMENS" or click enough "likes" for this sentiment. It also applies to every other literary theme month, IMO. Women, African Americans, those with Hispanic or Native American or Asian heritage, enrich our lives throughout the year. Their contributions and roles should be celebrated throughout the year. While I'm on my familiar soapbox, let's say the same for POETRY, which deserves center stage all year long as well.

  2. A wonderful reminder!! And let's hope more books for kids featured women in history will be published and brought to the forefront to celebrate! Thank you for hosting this great month celebrating women in history!!

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